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    Monthly Archives: November 2022

    Receiving the Russian Am8 satellite in the UK

    Since the beginning of the Ukraine war, the European owned Hotbird satellite has cut off all the State owned Russian channels. 

    There is a Russian owned satellite AM8, which is broadcasting to Europe including the UK. 

    There are a couple of things to note however, AM8 is over in the west – so its to the west of due south, if you have a compass.

    If you have the Hotbird satellite lined up already, AM8 is roughly 30° to the west of that direction, and is nowhere near as strong, so you’ll  need a bigger dish.

    Also some of the best channels are in multi-stream mode, so you’ll need a multi-stream capable receiver, to get them. 

    This is the UHD Multi-stream receiver from Octagon

    Tuning with this receiver on Am8 is a little bit more involved than with other receivers. The multi-stream modulation differs from the multi-stream used on most other satellites, and uses different parameters.

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    Channels available from AM8