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    Free Russian Channels

    2022 update: 

    The Kartina Satellite broadcasts from Astra 1 were cut off without warning back in 2020.  The expected customer take-up of this offer ( 25 Russian channels for a one-off payment  ) did not materialise so the sponsor pulled out.

    From Jan 2020  the only large group of free-to-air Russian channels are once again on Hotbird with a couple on the Astra 4 ( Sirius )  platform, but now  due to the Ukraine situation, AM8 is the only major Russian satellite provider for the UK.

    Am8 Satellite: 

    Channels are not encrypted but are in multi-stream mode, so will need a suitable receiver

    Russia 1, First Channel, Kulture, Russia 24 News, Mir, Mir 24 News, NTV, Kanal5, STS, TnT, TV3, Ren, Mockba, TVCentre, Star, Spas, Domashniy,  Otr, Pyat-Nitsa, 1 Krim (Crimea), Match!, Muz tv, Karusel tv. 


    All the usual channels are shown below for your information. However all the state owned channels have been blocked since the Ukraine war started. This leaves AM8 (above)  as the only Russian owned and operated satellite that we can receive in the UK. 


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