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    Ukraine Channels in the UK

    Many of the popular Ukraine channels are possible in the UK, although split over 2 beams (Nordic and European) both  seem to be ok on a  1metre dish, or even an 80cm in some areas. Many Ukraine  channels have Russian language programming.

    Recently,  the satellite Astra 4 ( formerly called Sirius ) has started to broadcast the new satellite multi-stream channel modulation. The Channel “112” is one such very popular programme. To include this, in your installation I can now offer the German made Octagon HD receiver, which is  multistream capable. 

    Ukraine Channel List : 1+1, 2+2, Channel 112, Kanal 5, Donbass, 366TV, Atr tv , Avers tv, Bigudi, Espreso, Fauna , Glas, Hromadske TV, Indigo tv, Karavan tv, Kievskaya Rus tv, Kyiv tv , Lale, Maxxi tv, Misto, Music Box, Natali , Nauka, News Network, News One, Novyy Kristianskiy, Music TV, PlusPlus, Rada, Sonce, Telekanal Nadiya, Terra, TET, Trofey, Union, Vintage TV, Zik


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